Sustainability credentials

We follow the guidelines of refuse, reuse, repurpose and recycle in our approach to becoming more sustainable.


  • choose suppliers who minimise packaging e.g., FreshCorp
  • use only paper straws and only provide when requested
  • reduce cost of takeaway coffee for people bringing their own clean travel mugs/keep cups
  • encourage patrons to bring their own clean containers for takeaway food
  • do not supply bags to people buying from Providore
  • use reusable baking sheets to replace baking paper possible
  • place food in reusable containers, preferably glass, instead of cling wrap wherever possible


  • second hand items used in kitchen fit out e.g., refurbished applicances, storage racks, cool room
  • second hand items used in public area fit out e.g., tables and chairs from other restaurants
  • use second hand unchipped and serviceable crockery and glassware from other restaurants and op shops
  • choose suppliers who provide in reusable containers e.g., FreshCorp
  • store supplies in reusable storage containers where possible e.g., food grade plastic containers and glass jars
  • food waste to chickens, goats and farm dog - zero food waste achieved!
  • purchase items made from recycled products where possible e.g., toilet paper, napkins, hand towels, takeaway containers
  • make reusable bags available for purchase
  • reuse supplier cardboard boxes to takeaway customer purchases
  • teflon and silicon baking sheets for baked items


  • use repurposed items in fit out of cafe e.g., doors as cladding
  • repurpose packaging as storage containers where possible e.g., sanitised plastic buckets and glass jars, large soft plastic bags for soft plastic waste
  • waste oil from fryers is processed into bio-diesel for use in farm vehicles and diesel generator
  • compost cardboard, paper, coffee grounds and other organic wastes, for use in our kitchen garden where possible


  • collect soft plastics for recycling via REDcycle
  • tins, glass and other recyclables into yellow recycle bin
  • buy only recycled, compostable takeaway containers, restaurant napkins, toilet paper and kitchen hand towels


  • use poison free produce grown on our farm where possible e.g., own eggs, honey, vegetables, olives
  • reduce food miles by purchasing locally wherever possible e.g., B Re and Sons, Midland Junction Ice-Creamery
  • electricity during the day provided by solar panels on roof
  • use washable clean up cloths instead of chux
  • wash tea towels, aprons and cloths during the day when solar power generated
  • non-essential electrical items turned off at night e.g. electric water heater
  • rainwater diverted from roof to dam for use in irrigation of lawn and vegetables
  • generator is powered by bio-diesel reclaimed from fryers
  • under floor heating and hot water generation from pellet burner - to be implemented after City of Swan approvals in place
  • investigate alternative power generation to complement existing solar e.g., wind
  • investigate the use of battery electrical storage
  • investigate metal or bamboo straws to replace paper